Rockwell Automation Virtual Coaching

Build your skills anytime, anywhere with virtual coaching.

Learn remotely from knowledgeable Rockwell Automation technical resources on the topics most relevant to your needs.

For more information about Virtual Coaching, please contact your Buckles-Smith representative or email us at

Virtual Coaching Overview

What is Virtual Coaching?
Virtual training sessions with knowledgeable Rockwell Automation technical resources allow customers to discuss technology-specific scenarios, improve their technical expertise, or expand upon their e-learning experience. Customers can pick from six technology topics and ask questions and get information about the topic of their choice. Virtual Coaching is completely tailored to the needs of customers, with sessions of up to 4 hours or 8 hours for 1:1 coaching or virtual groups of up to six students. Get the same level of knowledge transfer for either an individual session or a group of up to six students at the same cost.

Virtual Coaching is:

  • web enabled through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams
  • informal Q&A or topical guidance on technologies
  • virtual show and tell
  • discussion of best practices
  • guidance to other resources that can support technical skill building

Virtual Coaching is NOT:

  • training, and no course materials or hands-on labs with workstations will be provided
  • application-specific support
  • a formalized agenda-driven session
  • a learning experience for large groups
  • a substitute for other training efforts to shrink workforce skills gaps

What technology topics are included in Virtual Coaching?
Available technology topics include:

  • Logix
  • Motion
  • Drives
  • Visualization
  • Networks
  • Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What technologies are covered by Virtual Coaching?
Virtual Coaching covers Logix, Motion, Drives, Visualization, Networks, and Safety.

2) Can more than one topic be covered in a session? Or will the entire block of time be on a single technology topic? 
While our technical resources will work to support questions that can involve integrations, sessions will primarily focus on a single technology.

3) How do I buy Virtual Coaching?
Virtual Coaching can be quoted by calling your Buckles-Smith representative with options for 4-hour or 8-hour sessions. Please specify the technology type requested for your coaching session (ex. Logix, Drives, Safety). Once you confirm your purchase, a local training team member will work with you to schedule and confirm your virtual coaching session.

4) How long will it take to schedule my session?
Times will need to be mutually agreed upon between you and the technical resource. We are targeting 1-2 weeks after order confirmation. 

5) What if I can’t use the entire four or eight hours?
Virtual Coaching is sold as up to four or up to eight hours.  Unfortunately, there is no way to reschedule unused time.

6) If I purchase an 8-hour session, is it required that l complete all 8 hours of coaching in one day? Or can I do four hours one day and the remaining four hours on a different day?
Virtual Coaching sessions must be completed in a single session. If you would like to spread sessions over multiple days, you can do this by simply purchasing multiple 4-hour sessions and then scheduling accordingly.

7) Does the price of a session vary by topic? Or are all 4-hour and 8-hour sessions the same price?
There is no variance in cost per topic. All 4-hour and all 8-hour sessions are priced based on the duration of the session.

8) Up to 6 people can attend a training session. Does the price increase if more than one person is coached?
There is no difference in price for more than one individual to attend. Due to the informal and intimate nature of the coaching event, more than six individuals are not able to be supported.

9) What if I need to reschedule?
You will need to provide notice of reschedule at a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled session. If you were to skip your session, your session will be billed in full.

10) How will we handle extension requests made during a session?
Extension requests cannot be accommodated due to other scheduled activities for the Rockwell Automation technical resources. A second session would need to be scheduled.

11) What do I need for Virtual Coaching?
You will only need a phone or web-enabled access to join the Teams call. While it’s encouraged as bandwidth allows, you are free to choose whether or not to use your webcam to appear on screen.

12) What if I don’t have access to Microsoft Teams?
You can access Teams through the link or call in provided. It is similar to a traditional conference call experience. Alternatively, we can provide another type of conference call link, or you may provide a link/dial in for your virtual coach to join. The hosting Rockwell Automation expert can make the customer a presenter if Skype is used.

13) Will I receive course materials or hands-on workstations?
No. Virtual Coaching does not include any course materials or workstation units.

14) Is completion of an e-learning class a prerequisite for Virtual Coaching? Are there any knowledge-based requirements for Virtual Coaching or will the coach adjust the experience based on my skill levels or that of my small group?
While e-learning courses are helpful, there are no prerequisites for Virtual Coaching. Our resources may ask introductory questions to help ensure they support you in the best possible manner.

15) Is this a limited time offering or is it a continuing new offering?
Virtual Coaching is a new offering that will continue for the long term.

16) What methods of transactions can be used for Virtual Coaching?
Customers may use a CTIA or PO to transact Virtual Coaching.

17) Can I use my Customer Block of Time (CBOT) for this purchase?
No, customers cannot use a CBOT for the purchase of Virtual Coaching.

18) Can I request a specific individual from Rockwell Automation to provide my Virtual Coaching session (i.e. specific Field Service Engineer, Solution Architect, etc.)?
Virtual Coaching is provided by a highly skilled, well-qualified Rockwell Automation resource. We are confident that our teams will provide you with a quality experience. Unfortunately, requests for specific individuals cannot be guaranteed and will not be promised.

For more information about Virtual Coaching, please contact your Buckles-Smith representative or email us at