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HMI 101

Join Buckles-Smith and Rockwell Automation for our "HMI 101" Seminar.

Learn to increase operator productivity by leveraging the power of Integrated Architecture and EtherNet /IP. During this exclusive event, each company in attendance will receive the following to keep & use for the seminar:

Date Location Register
July 12th, 2018
Santa Clara, CA Register Details
September 13th, 2018 Salinas, CA Register Details
Cost: $25 - $1393 (choose one of the following)
  • Option#1 Seminar Only $25.00
  • Option#2 PanelView 5310, 7” Wide Touchscreen, 24VDC Powered, Cat# 2713P-T7WD1 $613.00
  • Option#2 PanelView 5310, 7” Wide Touchscreen, 24VDC Powered, Cat# 2713P-T7WD1 $613.00
  • Option#3 PanelView 5310, 9” Wide Touchscreen, 24VDC Powered, Cat# 2713P-T9WD1 $990.00
  • Option#4 PanelView 5310, 12” Wide Touchscreen, 24VDC Powered, Cat# 2713P-T12WD1 $1393.00

Please Note: Above prices for 2713P PanelView 5310 terminals are discounted for attending seminar and not offered for separate purchase without attendance.

Choose all of the following accessories to Power and Connect 2713P terminals in office or classroom environment:
1606-XLP30E Power Supply, 24-28V DC, 30 W, 120/240V AC / 85-375V DC Input Voltage $126.42
1585J-M8TBJM-3 3M Industrial Ethernet Cable $35.55
CRL049496010 120VAC Power Cord $5.00

Programming & Configuration Software (not needed if already have version 27 or greater of Studio 5000)
9324-RLD200ENE Studio 5000 “Mini” Edition, Includes View Designer software for PanelView 5000 Terminals and Logix Designer software w/ Ladder Logic editor for CompactLogix Controllers price is TBD (approx. $700.00 or less).

Discounted price only offered for attending seminar.

Seminar Agenda (2018)

9:00 - 10:00a Visualization Product Overview & PanelView 5000 HMI Terminals
10:00 - 10:45a Studio 5000 View Designer 4.00 Software
10:45 - 11:00a Break
11:00 - 3:00p Hands on Lab and Lunch (12:00-1:00)
  • Creating a New View Designer Project
  • Using Logix-Based Alarming
  • Data Logging and Historical Trending
  • Remotely Accessing the PanelView 5000 with VNC
  • PDF Viewer
  • Using Add-On Graphics – Optional
  • Runtime Language Switching – Optional

**Schedule and pricing subject to change. Reserve your seat with us today by emailing training@buckles-smith.com

HMI 101: PanelView Plus