ROKLive Virtual Event 2020

ROKLive Technical Sessions

June 10-19, 2020

ROKLive will feature over 70 interactive training sessions from Rockwell Automation and members of the PartnerNetwork (TM).

These technical training and development sessions are designed for automation and controls engineers and will focus on the following areas:

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CL01 - Smart Devices: Enabling The Connected Enterprise

In this session, you will learn how maximizing the information from industrial machines and equipment is the key to optimizing production. Today that information is more readily available than ever before by extending the reach of data down to all the devices installed. With Smart Devices, you can get the insight to what is happening, where this information can make the difference between scheduled maintenance and an unexpected shutdown. This session will cover the value of incorporating intelligence into industrial machines and equipment by using Smart Devices.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

CL02 - Discover the Value of Scalable Compute

This session will introduce and demonstrate the capabilities of our scalable compute technology. The 1756 compute module and CompactLogix™ 5480 controller will be the focus of this session and attendees will get hands-on experience using and configuring the Application Program Interface (API). Learn the power of Logix and Windows software together. The presentation will cover target applications, features and a demo showing typical use cases.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

CL03 - What's New and Notable in the Integrated Architecture® System

This session introduces the new key products and features recently released and is a preview of future enhancements to the Integrated Architecture® system. Topics covered include updates to our Logix controllers, I/O, networking, safety and motion products.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

CL04 - Integrated Architecture® System Software - What's New

Attend this session to learn about the latest developments to the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment®. Hear where we are going, and how we can help reduce your engineering time, reduce risk and increase your productivity.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

CL06 - Improve Operational Efficiency and Help Protect Your Instrumentation Investment

Discover FLEX 5000™ HART I/O modules with Premier Integration to simplify configuration and management of HART devices directly online from a Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application. Learn how increased visibility to real-time diagnostics helps to reduce downtime and unnecessary shutdowns. See how smart data improves safety and maintenance.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

CL08 - Studio 5000 Logix Designer® Application: Overview & Demo

Want to learn more about the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application? Learn how a focus on productive design allows users to create projects that are efficient, supportable and scalable. This session will provide an overview of the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application and demonstrate examples of code creation, project troubleshooting and even collaborative engineering.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

CL14 - Micro800™ Controllers – Rockwell Automation and Spectrum Controls Providing Comprehensive Solutions

Compete head-on with the most cost-effective solutions available in the market. Learn how the combined offer from Rockwell Automation and Spectrum Controls fulfills all of their needs as the winning solution; “Advantage Rockwell”. Spectrum’s new MicroSD/RTC plug-in plus high-density analog and discrete expansion I/O will make the most cost-conscious customers happy.

Presented by Spectrum Controls


DE01 - Digital Engineering Capabilities Overview and Demonstration

Digital design can help to compress development cycles, accelerate time to market, decrease commissioning costs and mitigate risk. This session will cover topics on concurrent development of electrical, mechanical and control systems and the role simulation plays in delivering design insights earlier.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

DE02 - Overview of Virtual Commissioning Using Emulate3D™ Software

Ever dreamt of being able to develop and debug control code before the piece of equipment to be automated is even built? Join this session and see exactly how this can be done by connecting your programmable automation controller to a 3D digital model of the equipment using Emulate3D software. See how simulation can reduce investment risks, improve time to market and increase understanding and how virtual reality can extend that understanding into a fully immersive experience.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

DE06 - Simulation and Optimization of Lines Using Line Balancing, LogixAI® and Smart Object Technologies

Visualize the power of process simulation and optimization using a Digital Twin. See smart objects, Emulate3D™, and line balancing application technologies manage speeds and behaviors of lines for Consumer Packaged Goods.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

DE07 - Integrated Interdisciplinary Engineering Manufacturing Workflow Solutions

To obtain corporate predictable profitability in a competitive market, tools used in design and manufacturing must provide harmony from basic data creation to numerical controls instructional reports. A few corporations have achieved this level of a complete workflow that transcends to pre-sales solutions as well. The EPLAN Platform can be the corporate enlightenment.

Presented by EPLAN Software and Services

DE08 - Virtual Commissioning and Cycle Time Reductions with MapleSim and Studio 5000®

Using virtual commissioning techniques within MapleSim and Studio 5000®, you can test control code without a physical machine and optimize existing machine performance with minimal downtime. Learn what’s required to create a physics-based simulation and employ techniques to reduce cycle times. Validate performance and visualize your machine during control development.

Presented by Maplesoft


IS01 - Monetizing Business Outcomes with FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite Industrial IoT Platform

See how you can show the real value of OT/IT integration in a digital transformation using FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite. When you combine the operational expertise and analytics capabilities that Rockwell Automation brings together with the ThingWorx IoT platform, and augmented reality options with Vuforia, there are measurable business outcomes. See specific use cases that show returns on investment and opportunities for new business models developed from transformation.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

IS02 - Using Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) as a Critical First Step in Digital Transformation

Gain deeper insights into your operations using a modern manufacturing execution system with decision- making analytics. Respond with speed, flexibility and agility to meet production deadlines and deliver a quality product. MES provides the product contextualization "hooks" to look at the quality and performance of your plant and how production is affected throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, from ERP to production to shipping.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

IS03 - Simplifying Analytics at the Edge for Real-time and Predictive Decision-Making

It's imperative to get the information you need where you need it and as close as possible to where it can have the greatest impact. By getting contextualized information at the edge to do analytics, you can achieve significant savings in cost and time. Learn how to leverage automated machine learning to train a model with LogixAI® and how to operationalize machine learning with FactoryTalk® Analytics™ Edge to deliver real-time predictive analytics. See how we've made integrations of FactoryTalk® Historian and ThingWorx simpler and faster.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

IS04 - Machine Learning Options from Edge to Cloud

Predictive maintenance is not a thing of the future, it is possible today and can take many forms. Rockwell Automation has many solutions that utilize machine learning in a device, or as part of a platform to provide predictive and prescriptive maintenance information to help reduce downtime and improve performance.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

IS05 - Empower Your Workforce and Help Reduce Downtime with Augmented and Assisted Reality

Smart workers require new technologies to learn, distribute knowledge and execute critical procedures correctly in the shortest time. See how augmented reality (AR) can be used to improve quality, safety and worker productivity, while increasing efficiencies and reducing downtime. You will realize the value AR can provide in an industrial environment via AR work instructions, maintenance, safety and training.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

IS10 - Mitigating Downtime for Machines and Plants Using IOT, Augmented Reality, LLumin READYAsset, and The Connected Enterprise

This demonstration shows how LLumin READYAsset integrates with Rockwell Automation® CompactLogix™ 5400, PlantPAx®, FactoryTalk® AssetCentre, and PTC Thingworx® and Vuforia®, leveraging The Connected Enterprise to enable a pro-active, predictive, Asset Performance strategy that begins at the Machine level, moves throughout the industrial plant, and onto risk mitigation and compliance.

Presented by LLumin, Inc.

IS11 - Industrial Reports and Dashboards - Why They Should be Part of Every Application

Easy to create reports and dashboards are the solution you need for Compliance, Performance KPIs, and the Troubleshooting your data. This session will show how easy it is to create actionable results in every market.

Presented by Ocean Data Systems

IS12 - Direct Logix PAC Connectivity to PTC’s ThingWorx® and MQTT

To realize IIoT benefits like making informed business decisions, data exchange between business units, or predictive maintenance, timely access to the right data is critical. In this session, find out how to directly connect a Logix PAC to ThingWorx® or MQTT brokers, ensuring quick and accurate access to critical plant operational and performance data.

Presented by ProSoft Technology

IS13 - Learn How to Connect ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™ Directly to MES/Data Collection Systems – No PC Required!

Learn how in-chassis ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™ appliances provide a standardized solution for database connectivity without writing software code or SQL knowledge. Eliminating the PC, and connecting PLC tags directly from PLC to SQL Databases reduces project time, eliminates data loss, increases performance and provides quick adds/changes. Data collection, track and trace (serialization) and recipe management application examples will be presented.

Presented by Softing Inc

IS14 - Excel Workbooks to Responsive Reports and Dashboards on Any Mobile Device with Minimal Effort and Budget

Design Excel templates and watch them become responsive HTML5 reports in the web browser of any mobile phone, tablet or desktop. This session shows how anybody with basic Excel skills can produce a wide range of reports for any device that even a seasoned developer would envy.

Presented by SyTech, Inc.

IS15 - Extend Visibility and Handling of Alarms & Events with WIN-911 Mobile

Session will provide insights into extending the visibility and acknowledgement of Alarms and Event information from within Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk® applications using WIN-911 Mobile, a ground-up redesign of the world's most trusted industrial alarm notification app providing a faster easier more secure experience than ever before.

Presented by WIN-911 Software


NT01 - Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP IIoT Network Technology

This discussion will review the capabilities and features of EtherNet/IP, including an overview of networking technology and terminology. Learn how the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) fully uses the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) 7-layer reference model and enables the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Presented by Rockwell Automation

NT03 - Design Considerations for Reliable EtherNet/IP Networking

This discussion will review the considerations to help you design and deploy a scalable, reliable, safe and future-ready EtherNet/IP network infrastructure. Topics will include segmentation techniques, data prioritization, resiliency, structure and hierarchy. A prior understanding of general Ethernet concepts, or attendance of the Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP Network IIoT Technology session (NT01) is recommended.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

NT05 - Applying EtherNet/IP Network Features for High-Performance Machine-level Architectures

This discussion reviews what to consider to successfully design and deploy high-performance EtherNet/IP features such as: Gigabit Ethernet, Direct Device Level Ring (DLR) to meet machine level network topology needs and Network Address Translation (NAT) to enable application code reuse. Discussions will also include recommendations for architectures that include real-time applications such as motion control and switch selection considerations. A prior understanding of general Ethernet concepts, or attendance of the Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP Network Technology session is recommended.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

NT06 - The Next Phase of the IT/OT Integration - Extending IT Security to the Cell/Area Zone of the Plant Architecture

This session will review the extension of IT security strategies into the cell/area and IACS devices, and how today's network infrastructure will evolve and adapt to tomorrow's requirements and threats. Topics include enhanced remote access, network and security health monitoring, access control and role-based segmentation in a structured, scalable manner.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

NT09 - Edge to Cloud Communication with Single Pair Ethernet

Bandwidth constraint, length limitation, complexity in physical layer and edge communication are common problems experienced by Industrial network professional. Belden can solve these problems with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology. SPE will provide 10Mb/s Ethernet communication to edge devices over 1km reach, while providing power over data line.

Presented by Belden

NT10 - 5G and Wi-Fi6 – What Each Brings to Industrial Operations

The newest multi-gigabit wireless technologies, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, are making the news. 5G is clearly a big change for industrial operations. Less trendy, but with much more initial traction, Wi-Fi is also innovating industrial operations with Wi-Fi 6, as key requirements are about reliability, flexibility, scalability, security and mobility.

This presentation will look at the promises/innovations that both are focused on delivering and more important, how can both co-exist and combine to meet requirements in industrial operations.

The presentation will focus on the following topics:

  • Wireless use cases within industrial operations – the need for reliable wireless communication
  • What 5G and Wi-Fi 6 innovations are underway to meet those needs
  • How 5G and Wi-Fi 6 can co-exist and combine to serve those use cases

Presented by Cisco

NT11 - Industrial Wireless Communication: What’s New and What’s Next

Explore the next generation of industrial wireless communication technologies to understand how integrating them can optimize your SCADA solutions. Get a preview of upcoming features and capabilities of edge computing and related tools. Learn about cost effective ways to reduce your network downtime, improve productivity and mitigate industry-wide challenges.

Presented by Data-Linc Group

NT12 - Empowering Wireless Technologies to Develop Reliable I/O and IoT Infrastructure

Wireless communications are a critical component linking The Connected Enterprise and developing IIoT infrastructure. Utilizing new wireless technologies such as IndustrialMESH, Virtual-Bridging and Managed Roaming are essential to developing an integrated, reliable and secure wireless solution for the IIoT infrastructure.

Presented by Esteem Wireless Modems

NT13 - Identify, Solve and Prevent Network Cable Problems

Over 50% of Industrial Ethernet problems are related to network cables. Commissioning delays and intermittent machine downtime are generally addressed with guesswork rather than root cause identification. In this session, you will learn Rockwell Automation® cable test guidance, applicable standards, troubleshooting methods, and pro-active steps to prevent problems.

Presented by Fluke

NT14 - CIP Safety Considerations for Mobile Robotics on 5G and 802.11

As manufacturing becomes more mobile with increased system modularity and use of autonomous vehicles, effectively deploying safety communications over wireless networks will be critical. Join HMS networks to learn how to manage the key challenges of existing wireless and better understand how 5G cellular communications can address these challenges.

Presented by HMS Networks

NT15 - Network Edge Physical Infrastructures

Join Panduit experts to learn about important technologies that impact the physical infrastructure at the edge of your network. Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) and Advanced Physical Layer (APL) provide the ability to operate a single, seamless network from cloud to edge. In addition, fieldbus migration architectures will be presented.

Presented by Panduit

NT16 - Virtualization and Thin Clients at the Network Edge

Virtualization and thin client technologies deployed in small, remote, and unmanned locations reduce both CPX and OPX. Virtualization of edge computing requires infrastructure that is reliable, connectable, cyber secure, and foolproof. Learn how to gain these benefits at the edge. O&G, W/WW, FNB, and OEM examples will illustrate best practices.

Presented by Stratus Technologies


PM01 - Kinetix® Motion Control, iTRAK® and MagneMotion® Intelligent Track Systems - What's New

Learn about the latest innovative Kinetix® 5100 drives, TLP motors, hygienic motors, expansion of the Kinetix® 5700 portfolio and our single motor cable options. This session will also cover proven application examples using independent cart technology and the enhanced value it can bring when combined with The Connected Enterprise technologies. You will learn about the unprecedented flexibility, precision and speed of the iTRAK® system and the information technologies that can be integrated to maximize your return on investment.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PM03 - Robot Programming with Studio

Learn the ins and outs of basic robot programming utilizing the Denso – Rockwell Automation® Add-On- Instruction (AOI) Library. We will cover basic robot programming theory and industry standards for direct and in-direct robot control with Rockwell Automation controllers.

Presented by Denso Robotics

PM04 - Motors and Actuators for Assembly and Washdown Applications with Easy Rockwell Automation® Integration

This session will review options for pick and place, pick rotate and place and washdown applications. It will also review the seamless integration with CompactLogix™ and ControlLogix® processors utilizing our CIP Sync™ Servo Drives.

Presented by LinMot USA Inc.

PM05 - De-Mystifying Dynamic Braking

Choosing DB resistors from ProposalWorks™ can be easy, but understanding the cause and effect of your choices can be less so. The presentation will relate VFD ratings to brake resistor sizing, including load type, duty cycles, braking torque and installation location depending on heating and environmental considerations.

Presented by Post Glover Resistors

PM06 - Learn about New Load Condition Monitoring Data Available Now with EtherNet/IP™

Protective relays have considerably more information than simply tripping protection elements. Load operating conditions and problems, process information, power system robustness, and equipment life information can now be accessed through your Rockwell Automation® EtherNet/IP™ system. Learn how SEL condition monitoring features can improve your operation and reduce maintenance time and costs.

Presented by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

PM07 - What You Need to Know to Specify the Right Cable System for LV VFD Applications

Provide an overview of VFD system performance challenges due to cable failures, electromagnetic interference (EMI), crosstalk, stray currents, and grounding methods. Address confusion in the market regarding specifying the right cable system and connector/termination method that can optimize performance and improve longevity of motors utilized on LV VFD systems.

Presented by Service Wire Company

PM08 - Integrating STOBER’s Synchronous Servo Geared Motors into Your Kinetix® 5500 & 5700 Systems for Maximum Machine Performance!

STOBER Drives will show how their Synchronous Geared Motors can increase machine performance and offer space saving solutions that easily integrate into Kinetix® 5500 & 5700 systems by Rockwell Automation. Applications and Motion Analyzer will also be reviewed.

Presented by STOBER Drives, Inc.


PR02 - PlantPAx 5.0 - The Modern Distributed Control System

The newly released PlantPAx® 5.0 DCS, the flashship system from Rockwell Automation, uses a plant-wide approach that scales from skids to large operations and provides actionable information for data driven decision making across your enterprise. Learn how this modern approach to a DCS with the addition of new workflows, controllers and availability features helps streamline projects and reduce engineering efforts. As part of this session, you will also be introduced to the latest release of FactoryTalk® Batch v14 which adds online functionality for those industries looking to address complex batching applications.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PR03 - Expect More from Batch Systems - What's New in Batch v14

Today’s dynamic production climate presents multiple challenges: control costs, mitigate risks, and seize every opportunity to gain a competitive edge. The latest release of Rockwell Automation® flagship batch offering, FactoryTalk Batch v14, helps user in both hybrid and batch applications tackle these challenges with an easily scalable system that focuses on improving operator effectiveness and higher throughput. You will be introduced to the latest release that offer online functionality for complex applications and promotes integration of information with DCS and MES systems.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PR05 - Alarm Methods to Improve Operator Response in Abnormal Situations

Not only do alarms play a crucial role in responding to unsafe conditions, proper analysis of these systems with human interactions also leads to improved operations. The ISA-18.2 Alarm Management Lifecycle is the proper path to follow to minimize nuisance alarms, alarm overload, alarm floods and to ensure alarms are prioritized. This session will highlight key considerations for DCS users when designing and implementing an effective alarm management program. While reviewing each portion of the lifecycle, users will be presented with guidance and demonstrations on how to leverage PlantPAx® DCS alarm system features as well as exida SILAlarm tool. Topics that will be addressed include using alarm rationalization results to present alarm response procedures to the operator, alarm suppression, alarm shelving and flood reduction.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PR06 - Analytics for Process Control in PlantPAx 5.0

Learn how the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx® DCS will enable PTC Vuforia to gain access to live and historical data and bring to life feature rich dashboards along with advanced analytics. Through demonstrations you will see how PlantPAx can be utilized within Vuforia and how control strategy within an augmented reality can simulate actionable faults and analytics.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PR09 - Modernization and Migrations from Legacy DCS Platforms to PlantPAx. 5.0

In today's dynamic manufacturing environment, companies are constrained by limited capabilities of their legacy DCS and their ability to support these legacy systems. This session explores the barriers and benefits of modernization, valuable methodologies, execution practices, and tools that assist in planning, budgeting and replacing legacy DCS systems. We will explore how different outcomes gained during a modernization will enable your digitization, optimization and analytic strategies of the operation. These additional benefits can help reduce the risk during the project and ongoing production while accelerating the ROI.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PR14 - Visualization and UI Methods to Improve Operator Responses in Abnormal Situations in PlantPAx 5.0

The typical plant operator must interact with a variety of interfaces such as process displays, trends, videos and alarm lists throughout a shift. Navigating these effectively in abnormal conditions can become paramount safety issues. This session will provide an approach for applying the ANSI/ISA 101 standard concept to design systems, with a focus on display design and hierarchy. Learn how to design an effective operator interface to assure your operators are controlling your processes safely while meeting production and quality targets.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PR18 - Introduction to the Purpose Built Process Objects Library in PlantPAx 5.0

PlantPAx 5.0 introduces an enhanced library of purpose- built process objects library enables developers to focus on higher level application development while producing a consistent method for basic control of real world devices. Explore new update to the library brings expanded functionality, ease of use, and simplifies the management and testing of applications over their whole lifecycle.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

PR20 - Simplicity in a Jungle of Wires

Industrial facilities are full of wires. How do you connect valves and actuators that are currently isolated without running additional wires? Plug and Play actuators are the answer. Bray International launched the first actuator that’s controlled by EtherNet/IP and is instantly integrated into Rockwell Automation® PLC’s with an Add-On-Profile.

Presented by Bray International

PR21 - PID Controller Tuning: Techniques for Fast and Accurate Results

PID tuning can be time consuming and achieving the desired results can be difficult. This presentation explores a repeatable method proven to be effective when tuning both simple and complex PID control loops. Included are examples from the Basic Materials, Oil & Gas, and CPG industries.

Presented by Control Station, Inc.

PR22 - Empowering the Mobile Worker

Smart instruments can send on-board diagnostics, status information and other parameters needed by maintenance people to host systems via digital communications. Once received by a host system, data is easily accessible from handheld computers, smartphones and control system consoles. Check your device status wherever you go with Endress+Hauser’s digital services.

Presented by Endress+Hauser


SS01 - Safety System Development Process and Configuration Tools Overview

This session will show you how to reduce development time of safety systems using the safety lifecycle and tools from Rockwell Automation. You'll determine return on investment for safety projects, design safety systems and functions, select appropriate safety devices, and ensure that your system meets global safety standards.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SS02 - Safety Automation Architectures - What's New

A number of new products have emerged this year improving the flexibility, scalability and productivity of safety systems. This session will showcase new products and applications including integrated controllers, new FLEX 5000™ and in-chassis I/O and components.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SS05 - Cybersecurity for OT Systems: Why? And Where Do I Start?

Securing The Connected Enterprise requires a holistic defense in depth approach that provides insights that improve your bottom line. This discussion will address various system level scenarios with consideration to the attack continuum: Help prevent, detect and respond.

Attendees will better understand how to best utilize the breadth of solutions offered by Rockwell Automation and members of the PartnerNetwork. In addition, learn about developing standards and regulations around security and the Rockwell Automation approach for building security into products.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SS06 - CIP Security: Improving Control System Defense-in-Depth Security

Control system security is traditionally addressed by defense in depth architecture, with multiple layers of security. As threat actors have become more sophisticated, CIP-connected devices must be able to defend themselves. This session explains how CIP Security helps enable devices to protect themselves from malicious attacks focusing on authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SS10 - Why IT Tools Can't Secure Your Plant

When digital modernization forces companies to address plant cyber risks, invariably the C-suite turns to the CISO for answers. Unfortunately, nearly all IT security tools are inappropriate for use within ICS environments. This will focus on requirements and how to evaluate and select the right tools to secure without disruption.

Presented by Claroty

SS11 - Safety and Cybersecurity Alarms and Alerts: Taking Risk Management to a New Level

Stuxnet, the first cybersecurity incident that caused physical damage to a control system, has ushered in an era where effective risk management must consider alarm management, functional safety, and cybersecurity together. This presentation will discuss how to take an integrated, holistic approach to risk management and the associated benefits.

Presented by exida

SS12 - Using Technology to Enhance Plant Electrical Safety and Maintenance Operations

Most work-related injuries are directly attributed to reactive maintenance work. As qualified workers are hard to find in this digital age, this topic will address various technologies that can complement facility maintenance personnel to get out from their reactive mode, and transition to proactive mode to enhance safety and productivity.

Presented by Grace Engineered Products, Inc


SV01 - Achieve Smart Manufacturing by Embracing Modern Technology

Discover how to modernize your control system for better performance, greater flexibility and more informed decisions. Learn about available upgrades for controllers, HMI, I/O, drives, components and networks to optimize machine performance. Couple hardware with software, migration wizards and other easy-to-use tools to gain efficiency across your automation investment.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SV02 - Develop a Workforce Development Strategy that Works for You

Manufacturers have been facing the industrial skills gap for years - and it’s only going to get worse. The good news? There are many ways to mitigate workforce challenges. Learn how to develop a workforce development strategy and some of the ways you can take action today, from e-learning to remote and managed support.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SV03 - Best Practices to Deploy and Manage a Secure and Robust Infrastructure

Time is of the essence when protecting your organization from complex cyber threats. The clock doesn't start when you have been breached. It's always ticking. Now more than ever security should be built into your network infrastructure. Learn the steps to design, deploy, maintain and improve a secure, robust infrastructure over time.

Presented by Rockwell Automation


SY01 - Studio 5000® Application Code Manager: Introduction and Demonstration

This session demonstrates the Studio 5000® Application Code Manager (ACM) capability. Learn how to quickly build your automation projects using reusable code stored in libraries. See how configuration, not programming, is used by selecting library objects (control modules, equipment modules, etc.) and providing configuration data, such as object name and descriptions, equipment set points, control interlocks, I/O mapping, etc., required for your project. Once all the configuration, not programming, is provided the project will be built (ACD file) which can be downloaded to a controller.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY02 - The Future of Software Purchase and Maintenance

Learn how new software offerings and license management capabilities from Rockwell Automation can help your organization mitigate risk and maximize flexibility. Key topics include: perpetual verses subscription verses SaaS software models, license management capabilities, streamlined software activation and integrated support.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY03 - ThinManager® Architecture and Best Practices

Thin client architectures can help reduce cost of ownership and support while enhancing security and availability of information and insights. Learn how ThinManager® services and thin client architectures help secure your digital infrastructure by reducing the attack surface, centralizing access control and simplifying lifecycle support.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY04 - ThinManager® Delivering and Managing The Connected Enterprise

The ThinManager® platform is designed to simplify the way productivity content is delivered and devices are managed within manufacturing environments. Learn how ThinManager® software can revolutionize everything from the plant floor to the control room, change the way you view mobility in those areas, and deliver and manage The Connected Enterprise today.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY05 - Utilizing Smart Objects and FactoryTalk® Linx Info Gateway to Create Plant Energy Models and Leverage PTC ThingWorx for Visualization and Analytics

Learn how smart objects attached to application libraries are used to automatically extract device information like energy. The FactoryTalk® Linx Information Gateway discovers the energy data in Logix Controllers and generates a plant energy model that is pushed into PTC ThingWorx for visualization and analytics.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY06 - ControlFLASH Plus™ Overview and Demonstration

This session will introduce and demonstrate the capabilities of ControlFLASH Plus™ V3.00.00. Learn how it seamlessly integrates with the Product Download & Compatibility Center (PCDC), provides better usability, makes you more productive and simplifies your experience with managing firmware. Whether you are an OEM, SI or end-user, you will find this session beneficial. In addition, learn about planned enhancements for release V4.00.00 and tell us what enhancements you would like to see in the future.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY07 - How Can FactoryTalk® AssetCentre Help Me Save the Day?

On the plant floor, many unplanned events can happen: devices fail, people make unauthorized changes, etc.

Learn how FactoryTalk® AssetCentre can help you save the day by quickly responding to these events. Learn about FactoryTalk® AssetCentre's core functionality, which includes version control, audit information, security, reporting and automated backup and compare of plant floor devices like: Logix controllers, PowerFlex® drives, and PanelView™ Plus graphic terminals.

Discover how you can use FactoryTalk® AssetCentre's Asset Inventory Agent and Product Compatibility and Download Center integration to make more informed asset lifecycle decisions. Find out how FactoryTalk® AssetCentre is changing to embrace evolving industrial security architectures.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY08 - Implement Premier Integration

We know that efficiency is the name of the game and this session will show you how you can be more efficient when it comes to configuring your drives in a Logix environment - we call this Premier Integration. Not only will you see how this experience helps you reduce integration and configuration times, but you'll see how you can be more productive from the plant floor and drive information throughout your enterprise.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY09 - Communications Using FactoryTalk® Linx, OPC UA and KEPServer Enterprise

This session includes demonstrations of FactoryTalk® Linx, OPC connectivity and KEPServer Enterprise software to provide visualization and information software access to Logix 5000™ controllers and other control devices. Topics include an overview of the connectivity software portfolio, methods to securely access various types of control system information and OPC UA communications.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

SY13 - Introduction to Robotic Solutions with Rockwell Automation

Have you ever wanted to provide an robotic experience but not sure where to start? This session will get you started and show the value of a fully integrated solution. By integrating robotic control into your machine design, you will realize true value and innovation. Our robotic integration strategy can help you increase machine efficiency, fully integrate your control investment and help reduce machine dependency on a shrinking workforce.

Presented by Rockwell Automation


VZ01 - How to Improve Plant Operations through Better HMI Graphics

Plant operators make decisions every day that can directly influence profitability. In this session, we'll equip you with methods and ANSI/ISA-101 concepts you need to create meaningful content. Learn how to present the right type and amount of visual detail to improve operational efficiency and promote better decision- making.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

VZ02 - Visualization at Rockwell Automation - What's New

Discover the newly released products and features in visualization software and hardware and see what's planned for the upcoming year. This session will show how new capabilities enable scalable solutions, efficient application design, access to real-time information and improve operator effectiveness.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

VZ03 - Designing Machine-level HMI with Studio 5000 View Designer® Demonstration

This session will introduce you to the latest PanelView™ 5000 hardware and Studio 5000 View Designer® software. You will learn how easy it is to create, download and run an application as well as see some of the more powerful capabilities of the platform. You will also get an early look at new features coming in our next release.

Presented by Rockwell Automation

VZ08 - New Product Launch- Extending Support of FactoryTalk® (HMI, A&E, and OPC) to Include PTC ThingWorx®

This session will showcase our New ThingWorx® integration with a demo of our Alarm Notification Software. Explore our easy to configure alarm browsing, two-way communication with alarm acknowledgement, and HMI to A&E alarm conversion. Further topics include Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging and Industrial Visualization solutions that build a bridge between automation systems and communication devices.

Presented by SeQent Ltd