ROKLive Virtual Event 2020

ROKLive Hands-on Labs

June 10-19, 2020

Join us online for ROKLive Virtual, featuring the newest technology and advancements for digital transformation.

ROKLive Virtual offers keynote presentations, technical training, interactive hands-on labs, a virtual trade show, and the ability to connect and network with peers and experts in the field. The 18 hands-on labs daily are designed specifically for automation and controls engineers. Sign up for these interactive training labs featuring the latest technologies and applications in these areas:

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CL10 - Studio 5000 Logix Designer® Application: Basic Lab

Are you new to Logix programming or want a quick refresher on the basics? This session will provide an overview of the core capabilities offered in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application and highlight the importance of good design practices. Mastering these fundamentals will ensure a good design and prepare you for the advanced session (CL13).

CL13 - Studio 5000 Logix Designer® Application: Advanced Lab

So you've got the basics, now let's take it to the next level with this advanced Logix session. This pick-and- choose lab will allow you to explore topics of interest and quickly see how capabilities add the most value to your design. By the end of this session, you will be on your way to becoming an expert.


DE03 - Virtual Commissioning Using Emulate3D™ Software

Emulate3D™ simplifies your control logic testing. This lab will let you experience how Emulate3D™ can be used to develop, test and produce robust PLC and mid- level control systems offline, before building the real system. By using a 3D model to provide realistic feedback in place of the real automated system, operator training can also become safer, cheaper and does not disrupt existing production.

DE04 - Design and Test Robotic Material Handling Systems with Emulate3D™

Most modern manufacturing uses automated material handling and robotics at some point in the supply chain. Over time, these systems have evolved both in flexibility and scale resulting in new design approaches being required. This lab shows how robot arm and material handling catalogs in Emulate3D™ can be used from conceptual design through to commissioning. By visualizing, experimenting with, and testing designs, Emulate3D™ can help engineers make decisions in the digital world before committing to a solution.

DE05 - Design and Test Intelligent Cart Technology Systems with Emulate3D™

Intelligent Cart Technology (ICT) systems like MagneMotion® and iTRAK® offer new ways to transfer product through and between manufacturing assets.

However, the almost unlimited flexibility they provide can complicate design decisions. This lab shows how ICT catalogs in Emulate3D™ can be used from conceptual design through to commissioning. By visualizing, experimenting with, and testing designs, Emulate3D™ can help engineers make decisions in the digital world before committing to a solution.


IS06 - Notifications and Taking Action Using IoT Data with FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite

Providing operators, managers and engineers with relevant and timely information regarding operational status of their equipment is fundamental in achieving efficient, world-class operations. In this lab, you will learn about the various techniques used to notify users of various situations that require immediate action. You will leverage ThingWorx and ThingWorx Flow in order to generate notifications. Don't wait for things to happen - take action!

IS07 - Using Complex Computing and Machine Learning Closest to Production for Impactful Improvements

Making production decisions where they make the most impact for improvement is key. In this lab, learn about the use of FactoryTalk Analytics Edge in operationalizing your machine learning models and performing complex calculations, as close to the control system as possible. Learn how to take PMML models and score them quickly and efficiently to be used directly on your machines.

IS08 - OEE and Root Cause Analysis for Improved Asset Utilization

Do you know how your plant is operating right now? Using FactoryTalk Metrics, ThingWorx and FactoryTalk DataView, you can create real-time monitoring and immediately access reports to help reduce downtime, increase productivity and boost OEE.

IS09 - Developing Industry and Role Relevant Storyboards Using FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite

Driving the right information to the right person in your organization is vital to achieving the productivity improvement goals at your company. Using ThingWorx and FactoryTalk Analytics DataView to build "mash-ups" of key operations data from anywhere in your enterprise can provide access to the right data in the views most important to your role. Learn how to increase time to value by using elastic storyboards to find insights in less time!


T08 - Basic Stratix® Switch and EtherNet/IP Features in Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) Architectures

This training will cover a variety of techniques and best practices using EtherNet/IP. We will demonstrate how to configure Stratix® switches using the Device Manager, the AOP and controller tags in the Studio 5000® environment; and how to use the Stratix® FactoryTalk® View faceplates for diagnostics. It will also show configuration and diagnostics of a Device Level Ring (DLR) Topology.


PM02 - Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP

Are you involved in the implementation of motion systems? With this pick-and-choose experience, you can familiarize yourself with the foundational concepts for implementing an Integrated Motion solution. If you are already familiar with the core concepts, you can take your learning to the next level by exploring additional topics for programming or troubleshooting a motion application. Upon completion of this experience, you’ll be accustomed to the tools, techniques and features that are available for the successful implementation of an Integrated Motion system.


PR11 - System Design – PlantPAx® 5.0 - New Controllers and Workflows for Process Control

The PlantPAx® 5.0 system design lab explores integration workstations, servers, and controllers for implementation teams designing process control applications

PR13 - System Implementation - FactoryTalk® Batch v14 – Applications Development Lab

Discover new workflows and tools to gain better control over batching applications that improve yield, efficiencies and reporting.

PR19 - System Implementation – PlantPAx® 5.0 – Applications Development Lab

The PlantPAx® 5.0 application design lab explores the workflows required to operate process control applications using modern technologies.


SS09 - Introduction to the Design and Implementation of FactoryTalk® Security in a Control System

Learn how to design and build a FactoryTalk® Security infrastructure to secure and manage access and resources in your control system. In this lab, you'll learn how to: configure FactoryTalk® Security for the first time after a default installation; configure users and groups, system policies, and secured actions in the FactoryTalk® Administration Console to manage access control and permissions; and have an opportunity apply basic security restrictions to Studio 5000 Logix Designer® projects. Topics include introduction to FactoryTalk® Directory, user/group management, setting security policies in the FactoryTalk® Directory, and understanding Single Sign On.


SY10 - Integrated Architecture® Tools: Integrated Architecture® Builder and ProposalWorks™: Basic Lab

In this training, you'll develop basic competency in using Integrated Architecture® Builder (IAB) and ProposalWorks™ (PW). IAB will be used to validate the controller selection and EtherNet/IP performance. PW will be used to combine the bill of materials of IAB selections, add additional products, creating a final report that includes pricing, product certifications and other supplemental materials.

SY11 - Premier Integration

Practice how easily you can add your motor control devices to your Logix control system through the Premier Integration experience. You will see how efficiently you can complete your system with the addition of smart devices, via PowerFlex® drives, into your control system, the advantage of having them in the Studio 5000® environment and the insight to what is happening on, in and around the actual assets.

SY12 - The ThinManager® Platform - Experience the Power and Simplicity: Basic Lab

This training introduces the primary building blocks of the ThinManager® platform while demonstrating its ease of use and flexible content delivery options within a FactoryTalk® environment. This session includes hands on training with the latest Rockwell Automation® industrial grade box thin client, the VersaView® 5200.

SY13 - Studio 5000® Application Code Manager Project Execution and Library Management Quickly build your automation projects using the

Rockwell Automation® Application Code Manager. This lab will provide you the opportunity to create project content by selecting library objects (control modules, equipment's modules, etc.) and providing configuration data, such as object name and description (i.e. V100, Tank 100 Inlet Valve), equipment setpoints, control interlocks, conditional inclusion (i.e. Has Diagnostics), etc. Once all the configuration, not programming, is provided you will initiate a project build (ACD file) that you will be able to download to a controller to run. In addition, this lab will provide you the opportunity to create a new library object that includes Logix, FactoryTalk® View SE, FactoryTalk® Historian and FactoryTalk® Alarms and Event content. Work with ACM Library Designer and Library Object Manager to build and publish library objects into the ACM database.

Create highly parameterized library objects for modular reuse and flexibility.

SY14 - ThinManager® Platform from New Server to Completed Deployment: Advanced Lab

This training provides a chance to set up and configure both core components and advanced features of ThinManager® software. Gain access to a fresh Windows Server 2016 build to deploy Remote Desktop Services and the ThinManager® platform. Once set up, you will have the option to choose from a variety of advanced features sections, including: redundancy, load-balancing, firewall permissions, advanced security, Active X, Virtual Screens™, geofencing and more!


VZ04 - Designing Machine-level HMI with PanelView™ 5000 and Studio 5000 View Designer®: Basic Lab

Learn how easy it is to create, download, and run a PanelView™ 5000 graphic terminal project using Studio 5000 View Designer® software. This introductory lab covers tasks such as setting up a project, creating screens, animating graphic elements, setting up navigation, setting up basic security, taking advantage of pre-defined project content, testing a project, and downloading to a terminal.

VZ05 - Distributed HMI with FactoryTalk® View Site Edition: Basic Lab

If you are new to FactoryTalk® View Site Edition, or just need a refresher on the basics, this hands-on lab allows you to learn about the basic capabilities and features of the FactoryTalk® View Site Edition application. Topics include creating an application, working with displays, working with tags, testing and running the application, applying graphic animations and creating trends.

VZ07 - Designing Machine-level HMI with PanelView™ 5000 and Studio 5000 View Designer®: Advanced Lab

Learn how to take advantage of the more powerful, advanced capabilities of the PanelView™ 5000 terminals and Studio 5000 View Designer® software. Topics you’ll explore include creating add-on graphics, using custom press/release actions, customizing pre-defined project content, using advanced features of state tables, configuring custom element-based security, and showing content in multiple languages. You will also learn about recent features such as data logging and historical trending, remote access with VNC, and viewing PDF documents. Suggested prerequisite: VZ06 - Designing Machine-level HMI with PanelView™ 5000 and Studio 5000 View Designer®: Basic Lab.