ROKLive Virtual Event 2020

ROKLive Digital Strategists Conference

June 10, 2020

Now, more than ever, innovation, creativity and agility are paramount for industry. At the DX Strategists Conference, we want to inspire innovation through shared experiences and community development. We’re bringing together visionaries in industrial digital transformation at this new virtual conference.

The DX Strategists Conference will take place June 10 and is part of the complimentary ROKLive Virtual Event. This conference will feature keynote presentations and sessions specifically designed for Operations, IT and Engineering leadership. Develop digital strategies that drive measurable results using disruptive technologies and creating agile business models that improve performance, optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

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Why Digital Transformations Fail: How You Can Win During Disruptive Times

The memes around who's driving digital transformation in your enterprise - the CEO, the CIO or COVID19 - are amusing but also poignantly correct. COVID19 is indeed driving some digital changes in behavior. On the other hand, it is causing delays in systemic digital programs in many cases, due to cuts in investments. Meanwhile the fourth industrial revolution continues to rage on. Digital transformation is still the #1 priority for most boards and CEOs beyond the immediate priority to sustain the pandemic. And the issue that 70% of all digital transformations fail still remains! Join Tony Saldanha, ex-VP Procter & Gamble, highly sought-after speaker, thought leader and author as he shares his secrets on how to craft a winning strategy.

Tony Saldanha, President, Transformant

Keynote Presentation
Tony Saldanha
President, Transformant

Tech Intensity in Manufacturing: Innovating Through Disruption

With the recent global pandemic causing unprecedented business disruption worldwide, there has never been a more transformational time in the history of manufacturing. What Microsoft calls tech intensity—building and mastering one’s own digital capabilities—is now even more critical. We are navigating a new world that must be more agile and resilient in the face of global disasters. And manufacturers are responding: accelerating investments and applying new capabilities around the intelligent edge/intelligent cloud, increased automation and AI, and “remote everything” to reshape manufacturing operations and supply chains, modernize factories and reskill the workforce.

In this session, Microsoft VP of Manufacturing Industry Çağlayan Arkan will explore how Microsoft is partnering with Rockwell Automation to help companies rethink manufacturing, sharing best practices from today’s digital leaders.

Caglayan Arkan, Vice President, Manufacturing Industry, Microsoft

Caglayan Arkan
Vice President, Manufacturing Industry, Microsoft

Achieve Success in the Next Normal: How to Rapidly Scale Industrial Transformation

Industrial leaders across the globe have just experienced the largest shutdown since World War II. The challenge facing many leaders today is how to reopen and sustain operations, while providing a safe working environment for employees and ensuring long term success as we all adjust to the next normal. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, nearly 80% of industrial companies currently had implemented or were planning an Industrial Transformation (IX) initiative.

Matt Littlefield, President, LNS Research

Matt Littlefield
President, LNS Research

How OT Context Can Simplify Your Digital Transformation Journey

What is the gap between OT data and digital insights? Contextualization. New, innovative capabilities are being developed to minimize the value erosion of OT data over time and across systems as it is passed to IT centric digital transformation tools. From asset auto discovery, to OT/IT model sharing to closed loop system interworking, manufacturers are maintaining high-fidelity views of OT data as it’s passed to a range of new digital programs, maximizing time to value.

Andrew Ellis, Director, Global Technical Consultants, Information Software, Rockwell Automation

Andrew Ellis
Director, Global Technical Consultants, Information Software, Rockwell Automation

Organizational Structure Impacts on Digital Transformation

Manufacturers strive for efficiency. What are lessons learned from other companies about which changes to the organizational structure allow for an easier delivery of digital transformation:

  • Is there a best way to organize the team?
  • Is there a specific sequence to be followed?
  • What is the impact of Covid-19?
Ivar Berntz, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Ivar Berntz
Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

The Power of People in Digital Transformation – Culture and Change Management

A change management plan, and a renewed focus on your culture, is paramount to success with digital transformation. A culture that's data-driven, agile, innovative, and embraces a growth mindset will enable a successful transformation - but that culture change doesn't happen overnight.

Mick Mancuso,Director, Connected Enterprise Ops, Rockwell Automation

Mick Mancuso
Director, Connected Enterprise Ops, Rockwell Automation

Preparing Security and Virtual Work Environments for Crisis Situations

A key change in our working lives driven by COVID-19 is the reality that we must be able to work virtually. For production environments, that means remote access and management are critical to maintain operations as employees, vendors and partners work virtually with access to production environments. All of which means that the cybersecurity status of the production environment is even more critical to maintain reliable operations.

This presentation will look at the best practices Cisco and Rockwell Automation have developed as part of our collaboration and support in our technologies, standards, solutions and services to enable virtual working required to maintain and secure production environments.

Paul Didier Solutions Architect and Manager, Cisco® System’s IoT Business Group, Cisco

Paul Didier
Solutions Architect and Manager, Cisco® System’s IoT Business Group, Cisco

Building a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Our client experiences have shown that a manufacturing company's success with industrial digital transformation is determined up-front; long before any technology is evaluated or implemented. However, planning for industrial digital transformation is usually the least understood and most under emphasized part of the journey. In this session, we will discuss the topic of getting started with digital transformation, the key roadblocks we have uncovered, and the tools used to move forward with confidence.

Jeff Botsch, Consulting Manager, Rockwell Automation

Jeff Botsch
Consulting Manager, Rockwell Automation