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Title 24: Lighting Controls Compliance

Join Buckles-Smith, Acuity Controls and 16500 for an overview of Title 24.

With hundreds of pages of Title 24 regulation, understanding and meeting lighting control standards can be challenging. Join Buckles-Smith and 16500 as we summarize Title 24 to support compliance with current lighting control standards.

Buckles-Smith Santa Clara

When: October 12th, 2017
Where: 540 Martin Ave, Santa Clara, CA
Cost: Free

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Seminar Agenda (2017)

11:00 - 12:00p Title 24 Lighting Controls Simplified
  • Title 24 Compliance Overview
    • Lighting Control for Specific Area Types
    • Achieving Uniform Level of Illuminance
  • Title 24 Compliance "Cliff Notes"
  • Buckles-Smith & 16500 Lighting Support
    • Lighting Fixture & Lighting Control Applications Engineering: System Selection, Technical Support, Wiring Diagrams, CAD Assistance, Layouts, Quotations, Submittals, Control Coordination
12:00 - 1:00p Lighting Technology Showcase & Lunch

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Title 24 Compliance

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