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PowerFlex Drives Lifecycle Status

PowerFlex Drives Lifecycle Status

Latest on the Lifecycle Status of PowerFlex Drives

With the recent release of the PowerFlex 750 and 520 series, many of you may be wondering about the Lifecycle of your other PowerFlex Drives.

Here we have provided the current Lifecycle Status of the PowerFlex Drives; you will see which of your Drives are still active and which ones you might want to consider reevaluating.

Below is the current Lifecycle status for the PowerFlex Drives. As you can see the 4, 40, 40P, 700S and 700 have moved to Active Mature status.

Product Lifecycle Chart

Product Lifecycle Chart

Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley Product Lifecycle Cheatsheet offers a view into the lifecycle stages, from long-standing legacy products through the very latest in products and technologies.

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Posted: Oct 7, 2014,
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Author: Jeff Zinn
Jeff Zinn

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