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New Liquidtight Fittings

New Liquidtight Fittings

Thomas & Betts' Quick-Connect Liquidtight Fittings

Thomas & Betts offers a variety of fittings that are suitable for a wide range of installations. Designed to withstand demanding environments, today we are going to talk about one of Thomas & Betts’ newest fittings:

Quick-Connect Liquidtight Fittings

This innovative liquidtight fitting installs in less than half the time as a regular liquidtight fitting, reducing a six-step process to just two easy steps. Check out this video demonstrating the simplified install.


Quick-Connect Liquidtight Fitting
Quick-Connect Liquidtight Fitting
Push. Tighten. Done.

With the simplicity of the installation, you are less likely to lose or damage any components during installation.

Ideal for industries and applications such as: food and beverage processing, wastewater treatment, panel building, chemical processing, railroad, industrial maintenance, repair and operation, and manufacturing applications.

Below are some of the added benefits and information of the Quick-Connect:

Trade Size
Torque (lbs.-in)
⅜" 200
½" 300
¾" 500
1" 700
  • Install time is 3x faster than standard liquidtight fittings, no disassembly required
  • Longer ground cone = 1.5x higher pullout strength than required by UL
    • Ground cone tabs grip into the convolutions of the conduit
  • Comes in straights, 45's and 90's
  • ⅜" through 1"
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated
  • One-time use fitting, not to be reused
  • Ideal for high-volume OEM applications

If you are interested in some more offerings, check out these other fittings from Thomas & Betts:

Steel City Liquidtight Fitting
Steel City Liquidtight Fitting

Steel City Liquidtight Fitting

  • Competitively priced fitting
  • Comes with a lower sealing ring making it more liquidtight

Kopex Cable Gland Fitting

  • Double compression Gland for Armored Cable – C1 Gland
    • Captive components: take off gland nut, you won't lose internal neoprene sealing ring
  • Single compression → special order
  • NPT (National Pipe Taper)/Metric threads
  • Good for: Hazardous locations/environments with Flammable elements Dust/Paint Plants/Refineries (see Zone ratings)

Kopex Cable Gland Fitting Approval and Rating Guide

Kopex Cable Gland Fitting Guide
Summary and Highlights

To learn more about Thomas & Betts' liquidtight fittings, visit www.tnb.com, where you can view Thomas & Betts' Liquidtight Fittings page and brochure. You can more find informational literature and videos regarding Thomas & Betts products on their website as well.

Contact Buckles-Smith for pricing and availability on Thomas & Betts' Liquidtight Fittings and products.

Professor Engle & Professor Stuppi

Ryan Stuppi & Roland Engle — Sales Representatives with Thomas & Betts

Professors Engle and Stuppi are our local Thomas & Betts experts, covering all of Buckles-Smith's locations from Sacramento to Salinas. Roland Engle and Ryan Stuppi are our go-to gurus for all things Thomas & Betts.

Thomas & Betts is a designer and manufacturer of connectors and components for electrical and communication markets.
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