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How to Move a Rockwell Automation Software Activation - Part I

How to Move a Rockwell Automation Software Activation - Part I

Rehosting Rockwell Automation Software with Internet Access

Moving or transferring, also known as rehosting, a Rockwell Automation Software License from one computer to another can get tricky. In our rehosting blog series, we guide you through the different software activation reset processes based on your internet access. In this post we provide step by step instructions on how to move an activation/license when you have internet access on both devices. If you do not have internet access, check out our other blog posts:

Before you begin:

  • If rehosting a dongle-based activation, insert the dongle into the USB drive of the Internet connected computer.
  • Make sure you have the “Activation Manager” software utility installed. The Activation Manager comes with all Rockwell Automation software, or it can be downloaded from the Software Activation Site here: https://activate.rockwellautomation.com/

To rehost an activation from a computer with Internet access:

  1. Open FactoryTalk Activation Manager Software (Start > All Programs >Rockwell Software > FactoryTalk Activation > FactoryTalk Activation Manager)

  2. Click Manage Activations > Rehost Activations.

  3. Select the check box next to the activation you want to rehost.

  4. Click Continue Rehosting. The Confirm Activation Removal dialog box opens.

  5. Click Continue or click Cancel to return to the Select Activations page.
FactoryTalk - Manage Activations

FactoryTalk - Manage Activations - Rehost Activations

It’s that simple. This will remove the software activation from the old device, making it available to activate on a new device. Now you can launch the FactoryTalk Activation Manager on your new device to activate the Rockwell Automation license.

If you have questions or experience problems during the rehosting process, contact the Rockwell Automation TechSupport Activation Group.

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Posted: May 25, 2017,
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