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Posted: Mar 3, 2014
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with ArcShield, Arc Flash Protection

The use of multiple and differing automation systems in a single plant brings its own unique set of potential hazards and training requirements – forcing companies to work proactively and diligently to increase workplace safety. One rapidly growing area of focus is on reducing risk in situations where workers must enter an area with arc flash potential by creating arc flash protection boundaries.

Arc flashes – the concentrated radiant energy that explodes inside electrical equipment following an arc fault – are responsible for about 80 percent of all electrical-related injuries. In North America, five to 10 arc flash events occur every day. What makes an arc flash such a dangerous event is the extreme temperatures involved, which in some cases can reach 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit – almost four times the surface temperature of the sun. Moreover, the pressure wave from the blast is equivalent to that of a hand grenade.

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