Buckles Managed Inventory - On-Site Trailer

On-Site Trailer

Whether your space is limited within your existing storeroom or you are looking for a managed inventory solution for a project, expansion, or planned shutdown, a Buckles-Smith Managed Inventory (BMI) Trailer will ensure you have the right parts when you need them. Having an on-site trailer is like having direct access to a Buckles-Smith warehouse without ever leaving your production facility. Read more about how a global nut processing plant implemented a BMI Trailer and minimized production downtime.

How It Works

The BMI Trailer is a mobile warehouse that physically sits at your plant. On a pre-defined schedule, Buckles-Smith Drivers come to your facility to process orders and replenish any item that is below a mutually established minimum inventory level.

Set Up Process

The first steps in setting up a BMI trailer is identifying the product list and minimum/maximum inventory levels. Working with a Buckles-Smith project manager, the customer will identify consumable and critical spare parts for electrical, controls, automation, and industrial supplies. Based on customer historical usage, inventory maximum/minimum levels are set. Once the customer approves the inventory list and Buckles Managed Inventory Contract, trailer set up begins. Buckles-Smith delivers the trailer to the customer site, sets up racking and bins, and then stocks the shelves with the desired inventory. Once all inventory is in place, customer begins using the material as needed and a Buckles-Smith Driver replenishes the material on a regular interval.

Minimize Production Downtime

Many industrial plants in Northern California operate 24/7 throughout the year. Production downtime is not an option. An on-site trailer provides flexibility when the available physical space presents constraints. Simultaneously, you will have confidence knowing you have the right product at the right time to get the job done. By identifying critical parts and setting up an on-site trailer inventory replenishment program, you will have your facility back up and running as quickly as possible.

Custom Kitting

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