Buckles Managed Inventory

With Buckles-Smith's Managed Inventory solution you can leverage your relationship with Buckles-Smith to effectively outsource a significant portion of your supply chain management. This allows your company to focus on its core competencies, while reducing acquisition and material handling costs with zero increase in cost of goods.

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Buckles-Smith helps customers improve the management of their supply chain by customizing a solution to meet customer specific needs.

  • Process Improvement – Streamline production and procurement processes without disruption to staff or production while reducing overhead costs.
  • Time Utilization – Keep customer focused on core competency, customer satisfaction and productivity.
  • Inventory Management – Ensure the appropriate quality inventory is available in the right quantities at the point of use to maintain production and meet critical timelines.
  • Cost Control – Offer best overall market price considering acquisition and transaction costs, carrying costs, freight and assembly.
  • Quality Control – Maintain high quality product at point of use and long term sustainability and continuity of product.


In addition to Buckles-Smith's Managed Inventory, we also offer Assemblies Solutions as an extension of your business.

To learn more about the benefits and strategy behind Buckles-Smith Managed Inventory and Assemblies Solutions, please contact your Buckles-Smith Account Manager.