Buckles-Smith Assemblies

Buckles-Smith is more than a supplier. As part of our value added offering, Buckles-Smith Assemblies provides solutions to optimize your business.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced dedicated inventory
  • Decrease purchasing time
  • Minimize labor for assembly parts selection
  • Shorten lead times
  • Simplify paperwork
  • Concentrate shop labor on final assembly
  • Faster time to market
  • Streamline supply chain

To see how Buckles-Smith Assemblies can benefit you and your organization, ask your Buckles-Smith representative today at 800-833-7362.

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Similar to custom kitting, sub-assemblies can save you labor by keeping your employees concentrated on getting your final product to your customers.

Types of jobs include, but are never limited to: wiring and wire harnessing, standard off-the-shelf part modifications, din-rail mount terminal block assembly, custom cord sets and power quality systems.


Custom Kitting

If you use numerous electrical components on a regular basis for a particular machine or assembly, let Buckles-Smith pre-package the materials for you. Provide a list of components and we will package the material from our inventory, complete with your internal part numbers.

Custom Kitting

Engraving & Marking

We offer custom nameplates, legend plates and push button heads. Terminal block marking is available for all major lines. Available for Allen-Bradley, Wago, and Entrelec blocks. 2-day turnaround time.

Please print out the appropriate order form (requires Adobe Acrobat) below, complete and fax back to (408) 280-7790.

Custom Labels & Lamination

Product specific labels, including graphics, can be printed and applied to your devices to supply a turn-key product.

Labels & Lamination

Product Software Customization

We customize parameter settings for manufacturer products that are not factory standard. This typically applies to variable frequency drives and uninterruptible power supplies.