Arc Flash Analysis

Ensure your facility's safety.

Buckles-Smith has been providing Arc Flash Analysis for customers in the Bay Area and the greater Northern California area for over a decade. To complement our in house electrical services expertise, we partner with manufacturers that specialize in Arc Flash Services and Safety.

Initiating an arc flash analysis for your facility is easy. Simply email our Buckles-Smith Services Team and they will reach out to you to for a one line drawing of your facility before providing a detailed quote.

An Arc Flash Analysis from the Buckles-Smith Services Team includes the following:

  • Review of the one line diagrams for the facility’s existing electrical system.
  • Determine the mode of system operation.
  • Conduct an onsite visual inspection and physical collection of system data.
  • Develop up-to-date one line diagrams.
  • Perform an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis study to determine arc flash energy levels, arc flash protection boundaries and required personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Perform a short circuit and equipment duty study.
  • Print and install arc flash labels.
  • Deliver all drawings, calculations, work permits and labeling that comply with the NFPA-70E, CSA Z462 and IEEE-1584 requirements.

Contact us to discuss details and the scope of work for an Arc Flash Analysis from Buckles-Smith. In addition to the analysis, Buckles-Smith can cover specific project deliverables and options for customer training.

Buckles-Smith’s Services Team will assist you in ensuring that your facility complies with current safety requirements.

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