Royal Wholesale San Leandro is now Buckles-Smith Electric

The website you were looking for,, has been redirected to Buckles-Smith Electric’s website.

Starting Monday, August 1st, 2016 Buckles-Smith Electric will be operating the former Royal San Leandro and CED Santa Rosa branches as Buckles-Smith Service Centers. Your account management team including your inside sales, outside sales and technical sales resources are all joining the Buckles-Smith team and will continue to support you as they had with CED and Royal Wholesale.

You will be further supported by the Buckles-Smith organization with its broad resources including the largest inventory of automation and electrical products in the Bay Area, a technical support team of nine product specialists, and a unique service offering designed to keep your business competitive.

There is no need for you to do anything different at this time. All orders delivered prior to August 1st will be payable to CED just as before. Any orders placed before August 1st, but not yet received will be delivered by and payable to Buckles-Smith. Any orders placed from August 1st going forward will be done so with your account management team as before at the same phone number, fax and email. For updating your accounts payable information, please follow Buckles-Smith’s Accounts Payable Instructions.

Over the next several days and weeks we will be reaching out to customers to introduce ourselves. If at any time during the integration process you are not completely satisfied with the service and support that our organization is providing, do not hesitate to reach out to our integration management team by sending an email to