COVID-19 Manufacturer Communications

While many of our customers will be temporarily closed during the Bay Area order to “Shelter in Place”, Buckles-Smith Electric remains open to support the critical operations of our customers providing essential services to the community. Below you will find communications from our manufacturers addressing potential disruptions in supply chain and production. For additional information visit our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan landing page.

Manufacturer Summary Letter
3M Generic Letter (Letter Issued 03/18/20) Download
ABB and Baldor-Reliance Industrial Motors Operating with limited crew and employees working from home. Letter specific to Hayward District Office. (Letter Issued 03/17/20) Download
ABB Electrification Products (T&B) Generic Letter (Letter Issued 02/28/20) Download
Atlas Lighting No interruptions at this time. (Letter Issued 03/17/20) Download
Eaton (Global) As of 03/18/20 Eaton stated they are still taking precautions and  will continue to send updates. (Letter Issued 03/18/20) Download
Eaton (Hayward Satellite Branch) Suspend operations until 04/07/20. (Letter Issued 03/16/20) Download
Eaton Power Experiencing intermittent and temporary plant closures. (Letter Issued 04/10/20) No Download
Electri-Flex COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan is in place. (Letter Issued 03/31/20) Download
ElectroRep Currently operational. Employees are working from home. (Letter Issued 03/16/20) Download
Encore Wire No expected impacts to production. (Letter Issued 03/11/20) Download
Finder Relays, Inc. Suspend operations in Italy until 03/27/20. (Letter Issued 03/13/20) Download
Fluke Lead times for Fluke items have been extended to reflect disruption from Coronavirus. In affected regions disruption will be limited to a few weeks, while some shortages may require several months to resolve. (Letter Issued 03/05/20) Download
Hammond Manufacturing Order fill rate is 90%+ and all factories are working at full capacity. (Letter Issued 03/24/20) Download
Hammond Power Solutions Optimistic that they will be able to serve customers as usual. (Letter Issued 03/23/20) Download
Hubbell Wiring Their China supply chain represents a small portion of their overall production capacity and they do not anticipate an immediate adverse impact. (Letter Issued 02/07/20) Download
Idec At this time operations are not affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. They do not anticipate any supply shortage through the end of March. (Letter Issued 02/28/20) Download
Klein Tools No official letter at this time. (Communication Dated 03/05/20) Download
Lutron No interruptions at this time. (Letter Issued 03/17/20) Download
Milbank COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan is in place. (Letter Issued 04/10/20) Download
Molex Some component sourcing delays, up to 60 days, for BradPower, Mini-Change, and Device Net product lines with A-Size (7/8") couplers. (Letter Issued 03/06/20) Download
nVent Caddy and nVent Erico At this time fully operational and have response plans in place should they encounter any disruptions. (Letter Issued 03/24/20) Download
nVent Hoffman No interruptions at this time. (Letter Issued 03/16/20) Download
RAB Lighting No interruptions at this time. (Letter Issued 03/16/20) Download
Service Wire To date, we have not seen any disruption from our suppliers. (Letter Issued 03/13/20) Download
Siemens They continue to monitor and will update accordingly. (Letter Issued 03/18/20) Download
sixteen5hundred All employees are currently working regular business hours and working from home and all our manufacturing partners as of today (03/17/20) are operational and shipping products. (Letter Issued 03/19/20) Download
Sprecher + Schuh They continue to monitor and take proactive steps. (Letter Issued 03/18/20) Download
TCP Lighting China facilities are currently 70% operational. They are shipping product to the US on a weekly basis and working to fill any back orders first. (Letter Issued 03/12/20) Download
UPS Visit UPS COVID-19 website for the most up to date information. (Letter Issued 03/16/20) Download